What to do with all of your family photos

After you receive your gallery with my photos, the really fun part starts: selecting your favorite photos, printing them, and putting them up in your home for you and your family to enjoy. It’s always fun to hear how other families are displaying their photos and to gather inspiration from others; read on for everyone’s best tips:

Photo Books with Every Shoot

If shelf space and budget allow, I always recommend ordering a hardcover album with each shoot. This immediately gets your photos off of your hard drive and into your hands – and into your children’s hands! Kids always love looking at photos of themselves through the years, and will treasure these albums even more when they grow up. One of my families orders four copies of each album: one to store and eventually give to their daughter, one to store and eventually give to their son, one to send to grandma, and one to put out on the coffee table to enjoy right away.

One Yearly Album

If you don’t have the shelf space for albums with every shoot, consider doing one year-end album instead. These larger albums have thicker pages and a layflat spine: the same style as my Baby Book albums and wedding albums. They are the perfect way to highlight your favorite photos I’ve taken of your family.

One Large Print

One of my families gets one large framed print every year; I choose my favorite photo of their children from the year’s shoots, and we blow it up huge and frame it for their wall. The sizes change year to year based on what wall space is available. This ever-changing art makes their home almost like its own gallery, and when their children are grown, they’ll have a selection of large scale art from their childhoods to choose from.

Gallery Wall

I love this gallery wall that one of my families has in their home in Tribeca. All of the photos are from their first shoot with me when their younger daughter was only one week old.

Another great way to do a gallery wall is to start with a few favorites and continue adding prints with each new shoot.

Favorite Photos in Frames

This is pretty much a given – but maybe worth mentioning? Ha. I am personally on a quest for a new go-to for tabletop frames after my favorite store went out of business. I do like the brand Siena for simple, classic frames, but if you have any other suggestions, I am all ears!


One mom wears her three favorite photos in a locket by Monica Rich Kosann. It is gorgeous, and I know that one day her daughter will treasure it as well. She also orders a new Christmas tree ornament every year from Shutterfly with her favorite family photo from that year’s shoots. Another family orders Shutterfly mugs with their photos – a great way to enjoy your photos every single morning over coffee.

Your Recommendations

If you have any other ideas for ways to display your photos, please comment below to share with other families.

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