What to wear: simple, classic pieces for your family photos

Because I am often asked for outfit recommendations for family shoots, I thought I would start putting together blog posts with things I know will photograph well. A lot of these are just basics; you can either style everyone in these classic pieces, or use them to build neutral outfits to go with one or two stand-out pieces from your family’s closets.

I think it’s important to note that you do not need to shop for anything new to prepare for your family shoot. Many of the pieces below are incredibly simple, and you likely have something similar at home. If you do want to shop for something new, I hope that some of these will inspire you, or serve as a guide as you begin your search. Some of these links are affiliate links, but if I found something I loved and couldn’t get an affiliate link, I linked it anyway.

Special thank you to my mom, who used to be a designer sportswear buyer in Los Angeles, who helped with this post!

For Moms

Most of these pieces are either things I own or things that are on my personal wish list. The white jeans from Madewell are not at all sheer in the knees, so they photograph very nicely. You can’t go wrong with jeans in any color with a sweater from your closet, or a favorite dress.

For Dads

Here are some tried and true basics for dads. Dads can also go with a more formal look for the shoot with a dress shirt, ties, and a blazer from their own closet. Just make sure to steer clear of stripes; dress shirts with a striped or checkered pattern don’t photograph as well as solid colors.

For Daughters

I often hear that a mom has styled her family’s outfits around a beautiful dress she has wanted her daughter to wear. This can be a great place to start! I’ve linked a few basics here – plus the tutu dress from Plum, which comes in many colors and always photographs beautifully. Don’t forget about Zara kids; they have adorable clothes at a very reasonable price point.

For Sons

Little boys can be challenging to dress for shoots once they’re at an age where they just want to be comfortable (ahh, the sweats-only phase!). A great compromise when they just won’t get dressed up is a dress shirt on top and solid-color athletic shorts on the bottom.


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