Weekend Links: Outdoor Baby Shoot Essentials

Before 2020, each of my baby shoots took place inside a family’s home. Now that it’s safest to photograph families outdoors and at a distance, all of my shoots have been taking place in parks or backyards. I have been recommending that families bring a big light-colored or white blanket to their shoots, so I thought I would share a few options.

The blanket in the first two photos above is this one from Pottery Barn. The blanket in the second two photos is this one from Land’s End. Both photograph beautifully! You can also bring anything you have at home – just double check that it is machine washable since it is likely to get a few grass or mud stains. I have and love this Anthropologie blanket; the tag says dry clean only, but the reviews say you can wash it, and I have washed mine a few times.

Other essentials to bring: a hat and warm socks for cool days, toddler snacks that don’t get messy (like puffs), and water. It is also really helpful if you bring a small toy that rattles or makes noise so that I can shake it to get the baby to look at the camera.

Please note that some of the products in this post contain affiliate links, which means that I may make a small commission if you make a purchase. I promise not to link anything I don’t actually love!


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