Weekend Links: Sticking to what you love

If you’re ever feeling really stuck choosing what to wear for a shoot, think about your tried and true outfits. What are you wearing in your favorite photos of yourself? What silhouettes do you normally gravitate towards? Which outfits make you feel your best?

Below are three outfits I would wear if I were having photos taken in the fall or winter. (I think it’s an important exercise for photographers to spend some time on the other side of the camera, so I get photos taken every year.) The first outfit is what I would wear if for some reason I needed to run out the door and be in photos with very little notice; it’s very similar to the outfit I chose for my photos last year. The second outfit is almost exactly what I wore for my photos earlier this year. The third outfit is what I’d choose if I wanted to purchase items off my wish list.

Maybe you would choose something similar to one of these outfits, different items in similar color schemes, or the same outfits in different colorways. Hopefully this is a helpful jumping-off point as you shop online or in your own closets!

1. My signature color: ONE (I have a similar sweater by La Ligne; I also love this, this, and this) // TWO (I have and love) // THREE (similar to my pink coat from Club Monaco; also love the camel color) // FOUR

2. All black classics: FIVE (I have and love) // SIX (I have and love and if you’ve ever seen me shoot an evening event or wedding, chances are you’ve seen me wear these pants) // SEVEN (the closest I could find to my black coat) // EIGHT (the best heels)

3. Navy: NINE (on my wish list; also available here, here, and here. Similar sweaters I have and love are here and here) // TEN (on my wish list; also available here, here, and here, and in other colors here and here) // ELEVEN (I have and love these; Sarah Flint makes the most comfortable heels)

As always, this post contains affiliate links, but I would never link to anything I don’t love.


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