Megan and Andrew: Proposal on Gapstow Bridge

Megan and Andrew’s proposal story is such a fun one. The two of them live in Washington, DC and were planning a weekend in New York. Andrew decided that that weekend would be the perfect time to propose. Because of their travel schedule, Andrew and I weren’t able to meet up for a walk through before the proposal, so we had to get a little creative. I must say, it turned out perfectly. Here is what we did; I hope it is helpful if you are planning something similar!

1. We decided on an exact, easy-to-find-each-other location in advance: Gapstow Bridge in Central Park.
2. An hour before the proposal, Andrew and I turned on location sharing on our iPhones so that I could track his and Megan’s exact location as they approached Central Park.
3. I arrived early and waited on Gapstow Bridge with my camera out.
4. When Andrew and Megan arrived, Andrew asked for a photo of the two of them on his iPhone. This ensured that I was able to place them exactly where I wanted them – no crowds and in the best light – for the proposal shots.
5. After I handed back the iPhone, Andrew stayed on the spot where I had set up the photo, and proposed!

And that’s it! It went so smoothly. You can see from the photo above (that I took before they arrived) just how crowded the bridge was that afternoon, but you’d never know from the rest of the photos. Being able to set up their place for the photos was a game changer!

Huge congratulations to Megan and Andrew!! What a gorgeous proposal. 


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