Metropolitan Museum of Art Proposal

Last spring, I photographed this lovely surprise proposal for Paul and Karen who were in New York on vacation. (They live in Seattle, and Paul found me on instagram!) Paul was hoping to propose on Bow Bridge in Central Park, but a thunderstorm forced us to change our plans. I suggested proposing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I’m so glad Paul agreed; I think that this series of photos is so special, and so New York.

After Karen said yes, we decided to head outside and brave the rain for a few photos under an umbrella. To our surprise, the rain stopped about 30 seconds after we got outside, and we were able to close our umbrellas and shoot in an almost completely empty Central Park. I was thrilled to be able to send them home to Seattle with both their proposal photos in the museum, and this series of photos in beautiful Central Park.

So happy for these two! Congratulations, Paul and Karen.

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