Family Stories: Rachel, Andrew, and Maddie

Introducing Rachel, Andrew, and Maddie! Their family started shooting with me right before Maddie was born, but I recently found a series of photos of itty bitty Rachel at a summer ballet camp that I was photographing for another family way back in 2014. I had asked the ballet school if they would like to send out the photo gallery to their families, but the school refused, claiming it would be against school policy. So I was left with a bunch of extra photos gathering dust on a hard drive until I looked at them years later and realized that I recognized Rachel. What an amazing coincidence; I was so thrilled to be able to send them to her mom.

Fast forward to 2018; their family decided to do the Baby Book subscription for Maddie. The official shoots were maternity photography, newborn photography, 6-month photography, and one-year photography, but they also added in photography for their family’s parties so that everyone would have something special photographed that year. Our first shoot was for their dad’s birthday at the Liberty National golf club. While the dads were golfing, the kids and their mom and I did a little mini shoot. I loved shooting in front of the water; the shot of the kids jumping is one of my favorites!

The next day, we all met up in Brooklyn for their first official shoot at Jane’s Carousel.

A few weeks later, baby Maddie arrived! I did her newborn photos that September:

Six months old!

And one year old:

These walking photos are also some of my favorites. Look how excited Maddie is to be walking! What a great year photographing baby Maddie and her awesome siblings and parents.


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