Family Stories: Emme

Today’s family story features adorable Emme who just recently turned four. I first photographed Emme when she was eight months old, and then in 2017 when I launched my family photography subscription, Emme’s mom came up with the idea for a custom subscription for their family: Emme’s birthday in the winter, a mother-daughter shoot in the spring, and a family shoot in the fall.

Our first subscription shoot was for Emme’s second birthday:

Followed by our first mother-daughter shoot in Central Park that spring:

And a family shoot that fall, also in Central Park:

Last year, we met up at their apartment again for Emme’s third birthday photos. The photos in the last row were taken on the walk to her party; I love Emme’s big grin and wave when she spotted her grandma arriving. I also photograph Emme’s birthday parties, but sharing birthday party photos online is too tricky since there are so many kids I don’t necessarily know or have permission to share online.

Last spring, Emme and her mom had their mother-daughter shoot in Central Park, starting with the carousel:

In the fall, we decided to change things up a bit and do their family photos in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The light in the Temple of Dendur is always so gorgeous!

Our most recent shoot was a few weeks ago for Emme’s fourth birthday. Emme was posing and smiling so nicely at the start of her photos that I didn’t pull out any of my usual “kid tricks” – and she definitely noticed that something was missing and said, “Hey, when are you going to pop out from behind the camera and say boo?” Too cute!

I love watching this little one grow up from behind the camera!

  1. Lori says:

    This is absolutely stunning…so truly touching and amazing! We should add baby naming pics too. xoxo


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