Snow Shoots

I’m so excited to share a recent series of snow shoots in today’s blog post. The first three shoots took place in Connecticut in December, and the fourth shoot took place last week in Washington Square Park. Here is the first shoot with little Stirling and his family in Southport:

The second shoot also took place in Southport and featured a very exciting announcement for their family: they are expecting their third baby this summer!

The third shoot took place in New Canaan. I was so happy that we had such a beautiful snow day in December: Chace and Carys’s family had been hoping for a snow shoot last winter, and we never got a single snow day. December’s snow day was perfect!

And finally, the most recent shoot in Washington Square Park last week with Caleb and Dahlia:

I love snow shoots with families; the expressions of joy and wonder on every child’s face are so beautiful and make for such great family memories. If you’d like to join the snow shoot waiting list, please send me an email.


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